It's everywhere and it's not desirable, so why photograph it?

To communicate the following.....
If our status and self-worth is measured by the physical treasures we have or hope for....

And these treasures can be stolen or destroyed, and eventually will rust away.........

Putting our hope, status and self-worth in these treasures is fragile and foolish.

Where is your hope?
Is it in material things or spiritual things?

What is your time, energy and
money spent accomplishing?

Are you chasing treasure that will rust away?

copyright 2010 Jana Scott

I have been taking photographs from the time I was a little girl, but more recently I started creating images.

This body of work started with an anxious adventure to photograph something, anything.
Like much of my serendipitous life I was at a very ordinary location, one that had been photographed hundreds of times. It was then I began to see, really see, the fading beauty.

The message, and ultimately the development, of this collection, was inspired by a biblical principle I was reminded of:

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. "

All of the image titles relate to this principle in some way. 

I pursue my passion of creating images in Lemont, PA and my studio/gallery.